Engaging your collaborators is one of the key challenges for organizations nowadays.

eXo Gamification will help your organization to engage your employees.

eXo Gamification is layering game-like features upon the use of applications, such as those used within a digital workplace, in order to boost employee engagement and enhance the use of your digital workplace solution by encouraging collaborators to participate.

When employees are engaged, they more participate on your platform by posting, commenting, sharing documents, rating, downloading and much more.

eXo Gamification is organized into “domains” that include a set of “badges” and actions to earn points.



Leaderboards & Achievements

How Can I Earn Points?

To access to How Can I Earn Points? page, you can simply click on the information icon in the Leaderboard.


You will find in this view all rules detailed by a description of every rule and gained points.


All rules are displayed in specific sections by:

  • Domains : You will find all rules for every Domain
  • Activity : Every Domain does have a specific regrouping of the activity.


You can filter rules by clicking on the desired domain to display.



In the All Domains filter view, you can click on the domain name that you want to display or hide